Prior Learning Assessment Resources

These customizable resources were developed for faculty and staff for the Retraining the Gulf Coast Workforce through IT Pathways (GCIT) Consortium to guide their efforts in building a strong and streamlined approach to Prior Learning Assessment (PLA).

Faculty Guide to Prior Learning Assessment and Challenge Exams [Word]. The determination of credit awards or competency levels, and the types of assessments used for PLA and the assessment criteria must be made by faculty. Resources, suggested guidelines, and tools are found in this guide. Ways to award PLA credit with a strong emphasis on the development and use of challenge exams, and awarding of credit for professional certifications/industry credentials and state licensure are included to support faculty’s commitment to academic integrity.

Staff Guide to Prior Learning Assessment [Word]. Navigators and Program Advisors play an integral role in student success by guiding prospective and current students through their educational pathway. Staff needs to be familiar with the college’s PLA policies so that they can inform the students about the potential Prior Learning credit opportunities available to them. This guide is geared towards the staff and builds on and ties together various PLA resources that are available to help them further understand their college’s PLA policies and procedures.

Military Credit Transcript Crosswalk Template [Word] guides the awarding of credits to veterans based on courses evaluated and approved for course substitution by the Joint Services Transcripts Crosswalk and the Community College of the Air Force Credit Crosswalk. The ACE Military Guide is highlighted as a key resource. VA officials from 2 GCIT colleges (Pearl River CC and Copiah-Lincoln CC) assisted in creating this document.

Credit for Prior Learning Procedure Template [Word] provides the understanding and articulation of clear PLA procedures and allows for customization at each college.

Credit for Prior Learning Examination Crosswalk [Word] offers clarity for college’s awarding credit for prior learning based on standardized examinations (e.g., CLEP, DSST, AP) and professional certifications.

The Student PLA Video raises students’ awareness about the potential of PLA and introduces students to the PLA processes in your community college.