Publications Designed to be Customized & Shared

The NCTN partners with adult education, workforce, and community organizations and college systems from across the country to incubate and pilot innovations in policy, and to provide technical assistance and professional development. 

ATLAS: The Role of Participation in ABE-to-College Transition Programs in Adult Student Postsecondary Enrollment, Persistence, and Success

What are the outcomes of participating in ABE-to-College Transition programs? This brief presents the findings of the Adult Transitions Longitudinal Study (ATLAS) that tracked over 200 adult students for four years after they entered ABE-to-College transition programs.

College Transition Toolkit

A comprehensive guide to program planning and implementation that draws on the expertise of practitioners from the New England ABE-to-College Transition Project and from around the country.

Environmental Scan of Prior Learning Assessment Policies and Practices

This report provides recommendations on how Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) policies and practices might be strengthened, expanded, and promoted as an effective acceleration strategy in creating bridges to college completion and job attainment for low-skilled adults in the Metro Boston area.

Mapping Your Financial Journey: Helping Adults Plan for College

Designed in collaboration with the National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE), this publication addresses the financial concerns adult learners identify as the greatest barrier to college.

Mentoring Toolkit

A series of resources, forms, and handouts developed for and then informed by the implementation of a successful peer mentoring program. This toolkit is designed to serve as a guide for adult education programs interested in replicating our mentoring model.

Postsecondary Success of Young Adults: State Policies and Practices

A study that describes and analyzes adult education college and career readiness efforts in the United States with a focus on young adults.

Transitioning Adults to College: ABE Program Models

A study that develops a typology of ABE-to-College transition programs by reviewing existing college transition models.