Generating Knowledge & Expertise

The NCTN partners with adult education, workforce, and community organizations and college systems from across the country to incubate and pilot innovations in policy, provide technical assistance, and promote professional development.

Accelerating Opportunity: A Breaking Through Initiative

Served on the national leadership team to help lead the transformation of how states, adult basic education programs, and community and technical colleges educate low-skilled adults. Also, we led the professional development needed for effective integrated career pathways.

Guided Pathways to Success in STEM (GPSTEM)

Led the curriculum review and redesign process for academic program teams in the Health Sciences and Computer Information Systems/IT fields. The efforts of these two state-wide teams are an integral part of this Massachusetts community college consortium’s initiative.

Retraining the Gulf Coast Workforce through IT Pathways Consortium (GCIT)

Led the effort of streamlining state and institutional Prior Learning Assessment policies and practices of nine Louisiana and Mississippi community and technical colleges, and guided the strengthening of the college comprehensive student support services.

State Policy Action Planning

Managed the piloting of college transition programs in all six New England states. These states are pioneers in the development and implementation of statewide systems and funding streams to support ABE-to-college transitions.