Streamlining Effective Prior Learning Assessment Policies and Practices

Through a formative process with the Retraining the Gulf Coast Workforce Through IT Pathways Consortium; the Mississippi Community College Board; and the Louisiana Community and Technical College System, the NCTN led the streamlining of PLA practices and policies. These documents illustrate this multi-stakeholder strategic approach.

Retraining The Gulf Coast Workforce Through IT Pathways Consortium: Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) Best Practices [PDF] shares examples of “best practices” among Consortium peers at the onset of the initiative. These PLA practices and policies shaped the framework used to develop new policies and/or update existing policies. The sharing of these practices supported the development of the training, practices and policies needed to achieve consistency and a streamlined approach to PLA practices among participating colleges.

Effective PLA Policies and Practices Components and Benchmarks [PDF] provides the information the NCTN used to ensure that each Retraining The Gulf Coast Workforce Through IT Pathways Consortium college has the policies and procedures in place needed to validate college-level knowledge acquired through experiential learning that are aligned with state policy and the accreditation standards of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).