Sharing Emerging Research

Integrating research into practice is an important method used by practitioners, policymakers, and researchers to improve the field of education. The NCTN is dedication to sharing emerging research from a variety of sources in a user-friendly format.

Decoding and Fluency Problems of Poor College Readers

Lauren Capotosto, EdM, Doctoral Student at Harvard Graduate School of Education
This research review provides an overview of the research describing the print difficulties of many struggling college readers. It identifies strategies for improving poor readers’ decoding and fluency, which can be used in a classroom setting.

The Role of Participation in ABE-to-College Transition Programs in Adult Student Postsecondary Enrollment, Persistence, and Success

Dr. Cristine Smith and Laura Gluck, University of Massachusetts Amherst
What are the outcomes of participating in ABE-to-College Transition programs? This brief presents the findings of the Adult Transitions Longitudinal Study (ATLAS) that tracked over 200 adult students for four years after they entered ABE-to-College transition programs.

Strategies to Facilitate Reading Comprehension in College Transition Students

Kathrynn Di Tommaso, Former NCSALL Fellow, World Education, Inc.
This research review discusses recent research on the strategies used by good reader. Learn about the many strategies you can teach your students so that they are ready for one of the biggest challenges of college—reading complex material.