Mentoring Toolkit

Download: Mentoring Toolkit [PDF]

The Mentoring Toolkit was developed by the National College Transition Network (NCTN) with support from the State Street Foundation and the Shapiro Family Foundation. The toolkit offers program design, tools, and resources that can be used to establish a peer mentoring program.

The overall program design is conceptualized as a coordinated network, led by a Mentor Coordinator and supported by the adult education programs’ designated staff where well-trained mentors serve as role models and provide information and guidance during adult students’ transition to college through their first semester. The program design can also be adopted by an independent adult education program and a designated staff person can serve in the Mentor Coordinator role.

This toolkit was the core of the Adult College Engagement peer mentoring project and changes to the processes and tools were made from the original toolkit based on the lessons learned from feedback from program staff and the participating mentors and mentees.

Existing resources from MENTOR, previous and current World Education projects, and additional mentoring publications have been adopted and customized to create distinct, yet aligned, trainings and support materials for program staff, potential mentors, and mentees in this comprehensive resource.