Research & Writing About Health Careers

The Morgan Hill Community Adult School offers a credit-bearing elective course designed for Adult Diploma Students to teach them career research skills applied to the health care field. The class is divided into five sessions during which students research career information and write reflection essays in response, thus developing writing, research, internet, and critical reading skills. In addition to promoting these academic skills, the course helps students learn practical information about careers and career research.

Research points to the benefits of an integrated approach to instruction that enables students to learn practical information and skills related to work and careers while also improving their academic skills. In addition to accelerating learning, an integrated approach can improve student persistence as students make connections between what they learn in the classroom and their long-term aspirations and goals.

Download: Introduction to Health Careers Course Syllabus [Word]

Debra Burdman, Instructor
Morgan Hill Community Adult School
Morgan, CA