Program Administrator Trainer Manual: Building Integrated Pathways through Collaboration

Download: Program Administrator Trainer Manual [PDF]

This trainer manual was developed by the NCTN for Accelerating Opportunity (AO), a Jobs for the Future initiative. AO seeks to change the way Adult Basic Education is delivered by connecting crucial pieces of the puzzle that are preventing lower-skilled adults from entering and completing postsecondary education. The AO model is based on Job for the Future’s (JFF) Breaking Through model and the I-BEST model developed by the Washington State Board of Community and Technical Colleges (SBCTC).

While this ready-to-use manual was developed for AO, it can be readily customized for the training of all administrators responsible for the on-the-ground implementation and coordination of an integrated career pathway program. The manual provides a full day of content delivery and face-to-face learning activities (approximately 7 hours, excluding breaks). Trainers have the flexibility to break up the training content into multiple sessions by content, and to modify for presentation via virtual platforms.

The content, activities, tools, and resources of the manual are grounded in the understanding that effective local leadership requires:

  • Collaborating across systems
  • Engaging a broad stakeholder base
  • Guiding a strategic communication process
  • Selecting and training effective team teachers
  • Coordinating comprehensive support services
  • Identifying and mobilizing resources