This is the current list of workshops. Please check back for workshop descriptions and schedule.

Acceleration Success of a Concurrent Enrollment Program
Serena Ota St. Clair

Integrating the Learning Upgrade App into ESOL and ABE Instruction
Toni Borge, Meghan Rodriguez

Motivational Interviewing in Adult Education and Workforce Development
Andjela Kaur

Engaging Adult Learners with the STEM Career Pathways of Tomorrow
Olivia Mayer

Balancing an Algebraic Understanding
Connie Rivera

Professor-Proofing Our Teaching
Hilary Harper-Wilcoxen

Gaining Confidence in Writing for Self-Expression and Work Communication
Ruth Ticktin

CareerNext: A Young Talent Development Model
Mamadou Ndiaye, Maureen Moreira, David Delmer

OER are from Mars, Publishers are from Venus
Jeff Goumas

Critical Personal Finance Topics for Student Success
Amy Conrad

Piloting an IET Model in a Corrections Setting
Theresa Luther-Dolan, Nancy Rosman

GED Testing Service Updates, Key Information and Resources
Scott Salesses

Addressing the Needs of Diverse Learners: Introduction to Instructional Strategies
Cynthia Bell

Using Singapore Strips to Develop Conceptual Understanding
Sarah Lonberg-Lew

Measuring the Impact of Adult Education in RI
Jill Holloway, Steven Reder, DJ Cratty, Karisa Tashjian

PACE Careers: A Hybrid Career Exploration Curriculum for At-Risk Students
Emily Carr, Lynne Lonergan

Desmos Classroom Activities 101
Connie Rivera

ESL Bridge to Credit WR121 and ES101
Cybele Higgins

Level Up Math: Accelerating Students’ Progress through a Modified Emporium Model
Jacqueline Lynch, Mitchell Goins, Peggy Jenders

Integrated Education and Training for Accelerated Pathways
Donna Price

Developing English Proficiency for Career Exploration, Civics, and Academic Readiness
Bill Bliss

Community Colleges’ Role and Impact in Integrated Education and Training
Christian Lagarde, Jennifer Freeman, Alison Bordelon, Sandy Goodman

White Mountain Apaches Thinking Outside the Bottle: From Addicts to Scholars
Michelle Perry, Lambert Watchman, Heather Pahe, Lenea Declay

The Job Spot: A Co-located Adult Education & Employment Resource Center
Mark Wyatt

Single Mothers Career Readiness and Success
Sandy Goodman, Mina Reddy, Ellen Hewett

Practical Applications of Nudging in Adult Education
Serena Fahnbulleh Crain, Betsy Sparrow

The Building and Stumbling Blocks of an Adult Career Pathway
Ron Fleischmann

GED Grads: Better Prepared for Success in College
Scott Salesses, Daphne Atkinson

Accelerating College Transition Students’ Progress Via a Theme-based Integrated Curriculum
Mina Reddy

Making Open Education Resources (OER) Work for You
Christina Ward, John Comings

Overcoming Math Anxiety
Cynthia Bell

Checking Your Bias at the Door by Recognizing Stereotypes
Monica Stansberry, Joselyn Gonzalez

Pulling It Together: Meeting Multiple Mandates at the Same Time
Andy Nash

Uncovering Learners’ Literacy Needs Through Action Research
Ghazala Nomani, Carol Cochi

English to Grow Immigrant Small Businesses
Lee Haller, Franklin Peralta

Modeling the Mathematical Practices: Teachers and Students Growing Together
Sarah Lonberg-Lew

Innovation in ESOL through Pay for Success
Amy Nishman, Jerry Rubin, Jena Collins, Ashley Skitzi

How to “Build” a GED Test Passer
Daphne Atkinson

Ambassador Training: Student Voice at the Heart of Our Work
Regina Suitt

Integrating Technology into Instruction—Realistic Strategies for the Adult Education Classroom
Jeff Goumas

Engaging Second-Chance Employers in the Professional Investment of Low-Wage Employees

Alicia Atkinson, Monica Ybarra

Preparing Adult English Language Learners for the Workforce: Models and Resources (LINCS)
Luanne Teller

PACE Careers: A Hybrid Career Exploration Curriculum for At-Risk Students
Emily Carr, Lynne Lonergan

Preparing for Work: The Contextualization of HSE Programs
Maritza Pritsos, Olivia Mayer

Bridging the Skills Gap: Paths to Careers for Adult Learners
Federico Salas-Isnardi

Creating Internships: Expecting the Unexpected
Paige Wetzel

Practicing Applied Digital Writing Skills Using Google Docs and Google Slides
Nell Eckersley

Solutions to Nonparticipation in Adult Education
Margaret Patterson

Unidos in Banking: Employer Engagement that Works
Leanne Ryder

I-BEST Makes Us Better
Heather Patterson, Kelly Crawford

Using Social Media for Advocacy, Teaching, and Learning
Nell Eckersley

Workforce Preparation Activities and Employability Skills
Sandy Goodman

Media Literacy and Close Reading with Infographics
Lizelena Iglesias

It Takes a Village: Boosting Demand for Short-Term Credentials
Veronica Buckwalter

Student Successes and Outcomes from WIOA Funded Workforce Training
Aaron Reyna, Kimberly Vinton



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