Priyanka Sharma, Professional Development Specialist

Priyanka provides technical assistance, coaching, and professional development on college and career readiness, Integrated Education and Training (IET), financial literacy, technology integration and digital literacy. She has extensive expertise in using technology to enhance and accelerate learning experiences, online and in-person.  Priyanka is a prolific user of social media and works on finding ways of integrating social media and tech tools in professional development design and delivery.

Priyanka’s recent and ongoing work includes:

Prior to joining the National College Transition Network team, Priyanka managed a non-profit arts organization raising its profile to a national level by shepherding a fundraising campaign, engaging new partners, and leveraging supporters and allies. As part of her commitment to community involvement, she has served as the Board Chair of The City School, a youth leadership organization based in Boston. She had previously served as the Board President of Friends of Community Learning Center, an organization that raises funds and public awareness for the Community Learning Center, an adult basic education program in Cambridge, MA. Priyanka has a degree in Biology and Anthropology from the State University of New York.

Priyanka has authored the Mentoring Toolkit and Mentoring Toolkit for Migrant Youth. Priyanka led the development and production of the Student PLA video, wrote the Companion Guide, and the Staff Guide to PLA.  Priyanka also contributed to Mapping the Financial Journey, a financial literacy guide focused on adult students transitioning to postsecondary education and training. She has also co-authored, Leveraging Technology to Increase Opportunity and Economic Security for Adults.

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