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Online Courses

We offer high-quality transition related courses through World Education E-Learning PD, an online professional development portal offered by World Education.

While practitioners do enroll in these courses individually, we also invite states or regions to enroll as a group. This has proven particularly beneficial to states that are launching new transition initiatives. The NCTN quarterly e-newsletter lets members know when new courses are scheduled and listed on the website. Select a course title below to review the description, schedule and registration process for NCTN’s current course offerings.

Free Self-Paced Courses:

Team Teaching - Models and Practice
This course is aimed at guiding basic skills and professional-technical instructors in learning how to identify the six models of team teaching, to reflect on their own model preferences and what other models could offer, and to develop an awareness of how team teaching is an opportunity for professional growth. This course is a prerequisite for the Team Teaching an Integrated Curriculum to Accelerate Learning course.

Finding True North - Role of the Navigator
This course identifies the types of supports that adult learners need to be truly prepared for college and careers and introduces the core functions and responsibilities of a navigator, such as coordinating and providing services that supplement academic instruction, which have been found to aid student persistence and success. We also introduce the core competencies of effective navigators, advising approaches and styles, and Navigator program design elements to consider. This course is a prerequisite for the Navigating Pathways to Opportunity course.

Facilitated Courses:

College Readiness for Adults: Beyond Academic Preparation
The overall objective of this course is to assist educators, counselors, administrators and postsecondary partners to better prepare their students for postsecondary education. You will identify, organize, and reflect on the broad array of readiness skills and abilities that adults need to be successful in postsecondary education and training. Then you will consider how to change our practice to incorporate what we have learned.

Navigating Pathways to Opportunity:
Comprehensive Student Supports
This course aims to support coaches, advisors, and navigators to provide the comprehensive supports that enable adults to succeed in an integrated career pathway program. Topics include strategies for identifying and engaging adult learners' aspirations, addressing barriers, and building a comprehensive network of support to promote persistence. Participants identify the key components of a navigator program and explore the skills needed to implement it effectively.

Integrating Career Awareness into the ABE and ESOL Classroom
The purpose of this course is to prepare you – instructors and counselors – to implement the Integrating Career Awareness into the ABE & ESOL Classroom (ICA) Curriculum Guide within the context of your situation. The hands-on activities will increase your level of comfort and familiarity with the curriculum guide and the related topics.

Introduction to College Transition Math
This course asks instructors to reflect on their own and their students' math backgrounds, examine and experience the college placement test students take, try out math activities and exercises one can use in classrooms, and explore the math knowledge and skills to present to your own college transition students.

Team Teaching an Integrated Curriculum to Accelerate Learning
This course is designed to prepare basic skills and professional-technical instructor teams to work together to provide low skilled adults the basic and workforce skills they need to succeed along their chosen career pathways. Instructors’ collaboration entails communicating effectively to plan and deliver integrated curriculum, and to maintain a balanced, effective partnership. Participants need to complete the Team Teaching – Models and Practice self-paced course before starting this one.

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